In the year 2021 we do not have a programme!

Due to the situation with COVID in the South of Estonia, we are not including performers in our programme.

Instead we are welcoming all the fans of the Festival of Light to decorate their homes and gardens with lights on 9th October from 6:25pm-22pm!
Also all the companys in Nõo are welcome to join the festival!

All the visitors of Nõo are welcome to take a walk in their own timing and route through Nõo.


Don't come when you are sick!

Disinfect your hands!

Download the HOIA mobile app that notifies you when you've been in close contact
with a coronavirus carrier!

Those who want to come to the event right after returning from a foreign country,  must definitely take into account the guides from Estonian foreign minitery.


You can come by foot, by bicycle or by car.
When you are coming by car, please park in parking area.
You can bring candles, flashlights and lanterns to the Festival.



We are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and memorable experience for our guests. Therefore, our visitors should treat the parks in a good mannered way and be friendly to each other.