Festival of Lights is free of charge!


You can come by foot, by bicycle or by car.
Detailed instructions can be found below (see the map).
When you are coming by bike, it is OK to take your bike with you to the festival grounds.
When you are coming by car, please park in parking area.
To find a good parking spot, please take a look at the map below and when at site, please follow our traffic mangers' advice.
Luke Manor is an open air park, please dress accordingly.
You can bring candles, flashlights and lanterns to the Festival.


We are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and memorable experience for our guests. Therefore, our visitors should treat the manor-park in a good mannered way and be friendly to each other.
To find your way at the festival grounds, use the map which you will find at the info point.
Please enter only the buildings, which are made public.
Official Luke Manor cafe offers good to eat and drink. They accept only cash payments.