Festival begins at sunset 6:26pm


AT 6:26pm
Lembit Rebane is groundskeeper at Luke Manor, but also excellent at building fire. Thanks to his craftmenship, everyone can enjoy warming light throughout the evening.

AT 7pm
Krista Palm and Elena Shkut are mystical fire dancers who will share their abilities in taming fire.
For more information, please visit their FB page.

Alar Tamm is a blacksmith who has shared his creation at the Festival of Light before. This year he will make a symbol titled “New World” which is inspired by this year’s Festival of Lights theme.
To know more about Alar check out his page.


The main building of Luke Manor is hosting Tartu Observatory whose scientists introduce their work in space technology and astronomy.

For the children and youth, light designer Taavi Toom, is hosting a Light workshop. This is a creative workshop where children can touch and turn lighting devices used in theatres, get to know LED-technology and create their own world of light. This is an area which will be constantly changing throughout the evening.
Workshop is hosted by Taavi Toom.
Workshop is organized in collaboration with the project The Year of Children's and Youth Culture 2017 , which is coordinated by Estonian Children's Literature Center.


AT 8pm/9pm
"Discovering New Worlds" is a performance where audience is meeting characters from foreign worlds. The performance offers a new perspective to seemingly static objects: trees, bushes, statues, etc. 
Artistic team: Jaan Ulst, Kaija M Kalvet (theatre Must Kast), Hanna Junti, Ardo Ran Varres, Karl Edgar Tammi (theatre Must Kast), Jaanika Tammaru (theatre Must Kast), Mira Gaydarova (theatre Must Kast), Dance group Triiniks, Maremark divingcentre
Sound and lights: Ringo Muhhin - Eventech OÜ
Performance  takes place on a 300 m long route through the park. Please follow your guides and stay on the track.

Festival ends at 22:00