Festival begins at sunset 6:34pm


Here we talk about importance and practicality of fire.

Fire safety is demonstrated and explained by Nõo Voluntary Rescue Union.

It has become a lovely tradition that Alar Tamm, our blacksmith, will create a masterpiece to commemorate the festival.

And of course the fire dancers Krista Palm and Elena Shkut will perform a mesmerizing performance.


Here our partners from various scientific institutions and companies will explain the full scale of ectromagnetic radiation.

Tartu Observatory, our long-time partner, shows the distant worlds in vast space.

The recording of light in slow motion will be demonstrated by Krisjan Pulk from Captain Corrosion.

The music of light is made audible by Oopus.

Light designer Oliver Kulpsoo will shine light on the latest LED-art. 

University of Tartu Photonics Club makes experiments with the nature of light.

In Theater lights workshop E&T OÜ introduces the magic of theater.


The journey-performance “Nations of Space” will take you on a walk in worlds never visited before, and you will meet some creatures unknown to mankind. The explorations start at 8 and 9 PM from the Lions statues of the manor. 

The journey to the new worlds is made possible by dancing club Triiniks and dance schools Just and Shate. Our soundtrack during the travel will be performed by opera singer Kadi Jürgens.

The paths will be illuminated by our partner Eventech OÜ.

Director: Jaan Ulst
Sound composer: Malle Maltis
Costume designer: Kerli Jõgi
Sound and lights: Veljo Sakkos - Eventech OÜ

Performance  takes place on a 300 m long route through the park. Please follow your guides and stay on the track.

Festival ends at 22:00